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Is A Choice

BLUELINE works with those seeking to protect their People, Property and Reputations.



At BLUELINE, we believe in a straightforward process which starts with clear, direct communications with our clients. When you communicate with BLUELINE, you are dealing with a professional problem solver - no sales team, and no marketing manager - just the professional that will assist you with your project goals from start to finish.


Our focus is not to tell you what to do, but rather partner with you and share our experiences and resources with you. Security is not a one size fits all solution, it needs to be customized. Whether you need a comprehensive assessment, specialized training or just information about potential threats, BLUELINE is your trusted advisor. 


There should be no shame in asking for help; in fact a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your security profile is a wise decision. Lets face it, your adversaries are certainly looking to see what security weaknesses they can exploit, whether you work at a school or a business, we will work with you on reviewing:

  • Interior to Exterior Threats & Hazards

  • Site Vulnerabilities

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Overall Risk Analysis

  • Consequence Rating Analysis and more

Providing customized recommendations that mirror industry standards and best practices.

How We Help

Emergency PLANNING

Planning is the accountability tool for organizations, it helps decision makers understand how best to use resources. This is typically achieved through the development of policy and procedures, emergency response plans and continuity of operations plans.


Planning is not just what's contained in the three-ring binder, it’s the training initiatives that are provided to all employees to ensure appropriate responses supporting mitigation strategies. As Winston Churchill once said, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential”.


BLUELINE works with clients at all levels for planning and can customize training initiatives from awareness level to technical response.


If we learned anything from the pandemic, knowledge is power. In order to protect, you need to plan, in order to plan, you need information. The assessment process is the first step in acquiring critical information regarding potential threats and vulnerabilities to your organization. However the need for information continues because threats are always evolving.


BLUELINE is partnered with TAM-C Solutions who is a leading provider of customized intelligence briefings that are industry specific, providing clients with actionable intelligence. Click below to learn more about TAM-C Solutions.

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