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Patrick  Chagnon

Patrick J.W. Chagnon

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Since 2009, organizations of all sizes and types have turned to BLUELINE to solve one or more of the following problems:

  1. They needed help because they were under pressure to meet a deadline regarding a security compliance regulation; or 

  2. To address an organizational security concern regarding potential threats to the organization which could disrupt operations; or

  3. They needed a fresh pair of eyes to identify potential risks that could leave an organization exposed to undesirable events such as acts of violence, litigation, loss of reputation or worse.


BLUELINE continues to seek opportunities with those that understand that we cannot influence an adversary’s ability or desire to do harm; we can only influence the opportunities.

It's All About Value

30+ Years of Asset Protection Experience

Individual Project Focus - It's All About You

Best In Class Client Support - It's a Partnership

All Work Is Guaranteed

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