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    • Why don’t you list your clients on the website?
      Security consultation engagements are very confidential, clients prefer not to advertise that they have security concerns for obvious reasons. Additionally, keeping the results of a security vulnerability assessment confidential is critical to safeguarding your overall security plan. If needed, BLUELINE has several quality references available upon request.
    • How much does a Security Vulnerability Assessment Cost?
      The short answer - you should plan on a budget of $5,000 for a very basic security vulnerability assessment. This fee may be higher or lower based on the size of your facility. The more we know about the scope of the project, the more specific we can be with project fees. Our proposals typically provide three options to choose from, each option contains a level of services and pricing to consider. If the options do not fit your needs, BLUELINE will be happy to work with you to select a customized approach to fit your needs.
    • Does BLUELINE respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) process?
      No, BLUELINE does not respond to RFPs. If you are required to follow the RFP process, we understand and would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for consideration just in case the RFP responses are not a good fit. Based on our unique methodology, BLUELINE has been used as a sole source consulting firm which can satisfy the RFP requirement.
    • What is the process for receiving a proposal for a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)?
      The first step is to contact us and let us know your interest in having an independent security assessment. Our proposals are free and pricing quotes are guaranteed for 30 days. Here are a few questions we need answered for your proposal: 1. Why are you seeking an SVA? 2. How in-depth of an SVA are you looking for? 3. What are you hoping to learn from the SVA results?
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