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Upcoming Training

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NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 - Finding A Training Host Agency Has Been A Challenge. If Your Agency Can Host, Please Contact Me To Discuss - Thank You!

OUR Course Offerings:

  • Protecting Our Schools (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Levels) (3 Days Sessions)

  • Emergency Management (Understanding NIMS/ICS)

  • Disrupting the Extremist (2 Day Train the Trainer Session)

  • Restoring the Trust / Community Policing & Crime Prevention (3 Day Session)

  • Policing the Police / Community Review Board Training NEW

  • Confronting the Tactics of Suicide Bombings

  • Conflict Resolution Training and more

NOTICE: The Protecting Our Schools Assessment Course is designed and offered at three levels starting with a basic level (L1) leading  to the intermediate level (L2) and then onto the advanced level (L3). Level 1 and Level 2 are offered twice during the year and Level 3 is offered only one time during the year and has a maximum enrollment of 12 participants. The Advanced course is held on a college / university campus in which the participant will conduct an assessment utilizing the acquired skills and knowledge gained from the previous sessions.


We can customize all our training to fit your needs, for course scope, hosting options and fees, please contact BLUELINE for details.  

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