In the Hospitality Industry reputation is everything.  The goal of the day-to-day operations of most hotels is to provide opportunities to its employees while maintaining a safe environment for employees and guests. A guest who has a bad experience is often managed in a number of ways and in most cases that experience is short-lived. But when a guest or an employee has been victimized by an act of crime it is a different story.

There are many regulatory authorities governing safety and security; all have the basic foundation of “Environment of Care.” The “Environment of Care” is made up of three basic components: people, buildings, and equipment. In order to be able to protect those components, it is vital to be active in preplanning (Assessment Process), exercising (Testing Process), and training (Implementation Process).

From the parking lot, to the ball room, and to every level of the hotel, the “Environment of Care” needs to be planned out and constantly reviewed. Contacting BLUELINE today is the starting point of creating a sound plan for now and the future.